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When you sign up for Logicon services, our onboarding team conducts a thorough assessment of your accounting needs and develops a written plan to improve efficiencies and ensure all parties are on the same page and all wheels are equally greased. Your team of accounting experts and Certified Intuit ProAdvisors will begin optimizing your accounting system and QuickBooks version; automating and integrating with other financial systems (banks, credit cards); and developing a procedures manual defining each task to be performed.

We then assign you a dedicated team of bookkeepers, staff accountant and accounting manager, who work together as a team from our service center. Your U.S.-based team will be dedicated to YOUR business — you’ll work with the same team each week. Your interactions with your team will be based on the services you select, but here is a brief explanation of how your team handles your bookkeeping and accounting needs from our service center.

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