Creating Business Value

One of the biggest problems we see are people that are not focussed on activities or tasks that continue to add value to their business or their clients.

We have seen a lot of folks stay in their comfort zone doing the ‘routine’ without realizing that by doing this, their value and the value of their  business is decaying.

To help create business value, we recommend three steps:

  1. Automate routine tasks
    With our society now digitally based, there are a lot of software and tools to automate routine tasks like data entry from one system to another or to automatically calculate material to make decisions upon.  While everyone is good at creating material in spreadsheets, they don’t take it to the next level of automating the upload of that data into the system that needs that data to do the next step.   If your time is worth than $15 per hour, you need to hire a programmer to help automate the data transfer from one system to another.  You will be able to get a payback in less than a month.
  2. Learn to listen
    Quieting your mind and actively listening to what your client is saying is crucial.  so many people are thinking about how to reply without really taking the time to pay attention and understand what their client is saying.  If you focus to much on your thoughts or focus on how you are going to reply, you are not going to get the ‘secrets’ to truly create business value.
  3. Constantly ask questions for confirmation
    People are sometimes afraid to go back and ask for confirmation of what you have heard.  Constantly clarify what you think you heard before moving forward on creating what you think is of value.  People want to help and are willing to contribute if you let them.   In this way you can really deliver is something they really value.

The benefits of following these three stesp for creating value will provide you the following benefits.

  1. builds trusts and respect with the people you work with
  2. helps you become a leader
  3. portrays you as an expert in your field

In conclusion, creating business value is not hard.  It just takes effort to slow down and pay attention to what is going on around you.  You will be surprised how easy the answers appear to how to create value in your business.

If you would like to learn more about how to create value, contact us at to find out more about the solutions we have.

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