Task Automation

Would you like to begin to enjoy the benefits of a four hour work week?

Would you like to have more time to do what you want and less time doing monotonous tasks?

Then you need to start leveraging the power of the internet and the power of today’s technology.

You need to start with task automation.

What is Task Automation?

Task automation is the use of various systems and technologies to minimize or reduce the amount of human intervention to complete the task or process.

What are examples of Task Automation?

Let’s look at completing a telephone call.

When you dial, do you need to talk to an operator to help route your call and wait until that operator is done?

OR, do you just punch in a number and the call is immediately connected to the phone of the person?

That is Task Automation.

When you got to an ATM and withdraw cash, do you ask a person to give you the cash and wait until that person is done?

Or, does the ATM immediately dispatch the cash after you ask for it?

That is Task Automation.

Remember in 1981 when the word processor was introduced by Digital Equipment?  The cost PER INDIVIDUAL WAS OVER $15,000

But productivity for those companies went up 400% or more, generating them more profit and making a lot of executives rich!

Today, you can get even better word processing technology for $199 or even free!

Today, technology to automate your tasks is now available to individuals, small and mid sized businesses that was previously only available to the largest of corporations.

The technology is available to you , via the internet, in the comfort of your office or home.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money and…

you don’t have to have someone come to visit you to install it.

Still interested in creating your own savings of 400% or more at a fraction of the cost it was in 1981?

Hi, my name is Gerry Anderson, President and Founder of Logicon Solutions.

Thank you for investing your time to start learning more about task automation.

How many of you feel time starved and overwhelmed with life’s tasks?

But in today’s smartphone, digital environment, why are people still using old tools and techniques to live and work?

One of the biggest challenges that people have today with their tasks is that they continue to use technology that was created over 30 years ago.

By using today’s internet based technologies and new software capabilities, you are able to automate tasks that most people thought only could be done by humans.

50 years ago, no one thought we would make phone calls without Operators.

Today, billions of calls are made without them.

30 years ago, no one thought that individuals could create their own type written documents without the help of a typist and a typewriter.

Today, everyone creates their own documents without the help of a typist and a typewriter.

Today, you have the opportunity to learn how to do something similar to benefit yourself and your company.

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