Three 2015 Business Intelligence Trends

Three 2015 Business Intelligence Trends

Last year brought along several changes within the realm of Business Intelligence. We saw mobile BI rise in popularity and Big Data investments increase among business owners, as well as a heavy focus on cloud & security. These shifts in process & technology are always evolving, and with them come new ways in which to succeed. The following are three trends that we believe 2015 has in store for Business Intelligence.

1. Heightened Data Interaction

In 2014, the ways in which we were able to interact with our digital information grew with the increased usage of dashboard and BI software. This year, organizations will continue to invest in and experiment with Big Data solutions as the analytical advantages of this approach become even more crucial for success.

The task of collecting and reviewing data has become much more interactive with the development of lightening fast analytical tools. It is now easier than ever for users to extract significant data to analyze or experiment with.

2.  Transformation of Data Governance

According to Gartner, this year, 25% of all global companies will have some sort of data officer in place. With companies creating and collecting data, in amounts exceedingly higher than ever before, it is imperative that they explore cutting edge methods to control and govern said data.

Data governance can be completely customized and implemented to ensure effective and dynamic use, all towards the goal of executing from a well-informed and resourceful perspective.

3. Blossoming Mobile Capacity

With mobility clearly on the rise, there has been an increasing amount of focus on the development of mobile solutions. According to the Forrester’s 2015 Predictions Report the adoption of mobile analytics will increase to the point of mainstream acceptance on a global scale.

This expanded usage is a result of attention paid to end-user experience and overall design.  With users expecting a quick and simple tool that operates in any setting, including on the go, companies are realizing they must adapt and accommodate or risk losing their customers.  In 2015 mobile capabilities will mature even further, leading to a higher level of customer demand.

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