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Accounting AutomationAccounting DataExpense AutomationPayables AutomationTask automation …With today’s economic climate and fierce competition, companies must ensure their accounting operations are competitive in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

A recent article by APQC highlights some interesting ratios on what it costs to run the best of class accounting operations in the world today.  Sounds expensive? It may come as a surprise to know that best of class accounting operations cost only 0.4% per $1000 per revenue.
Another study by CIMA revealed that best in class accounting operations are between 0.6% and 0.7% of total Revenue.

The biggest change in the last 5 years has been that the cost of technology to achieve those savings is as low as a few dollars per day as opposed to hundreds of dollars per day in the past.  With new available technology we are now integrating for our clients and we are seeing accounting costs tumble for some small and mid-sized companies by as much as 30% to 60% in some cases!

Want to find out the true cost of taking advantage of new accounting technologies? Want to find out the true cost if you don’t? Schedule a free Strategy Session with Gerry Anderson, President of Logicon Solutions to review the options available to improve your accounting processes and Increase your Profitability!

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