We are a leading boutique accounting and consulting firm that is passionate about making every minute count. We love what we do because efficiency is in our DNA.

Our team of experts includes professional accountants, developers, accounting specialists, process experts and business model gurus. Together, we work to help organizations transform their people, processes and technology to drive growth and increase the bottom line. We are passionate about helping you do more in less time so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Thanks to Logicon, we were able to automate 90% of our accounts payable process, reducing accounting time by 40% and providing 100% visibility to all spending, planned or incurred.

- Sheryl, Senior Director, Finance and Admin, Retail Software company

Why To Choose Us


We offer expertise for businesses of all sizes and across different industries, with specializations in Accounting, IT, software development and analytics.

Whether we are leveraging the world’s best process improvement techniques, or developing automated solutions to existing ERP and accounting systems, our team of seasoned professionals are specially trained to help implement the ‘art and science of better.


We use the power of the data generated by your organization to identify new opportunities for you to make smarter decisions, save time and increase revenue.

Whether we’re automating your workflows or designing a new process to save you time, we use the best technology to keep you up to date with the latest advancements and one step ahead of your competitors.


We pride ourselves in the service, training and change management we offer to ensure you see long-lasting results.

Our team of experts are committed to listening and then helping you determine the best options with the challenges you face, now and in the future.

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The leaders who approach us are busy. Very busy. They don’t have time to ‘bring someone up to speed’. They want someone who knows their business, knows their accounting challenges and will fix them FAST and ensure THEY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. They want to never have to worry or think about accounting.

That’s where we come in. It’s also the reason why our clients thank us. We help business owners change/improve/transform their accounting so they can focus on making money, growing their business to meet their goals and what’s important to them.

Logicon Solutions takes pride in being a leading firm who’s main focus is making your accounting operations automated, and analytics/decision support focused. Our team of data scientists, professional accountants, professional bookkeepers, management scientists and process engineers will help ensure your accounting operations knows how to excecute on the ‘art and science of better’. Better systems, Better software, better people, better accounting. Guaranteed!

Not sure where to begin improving your processes and accounting?

Schedule a no-obligation Productivity Analysis and let our team of experts provide you with the concrete action steps to become more efficient.